New Book: Learning to Share Your Smile

Having found my smile, my life’s focus has turned to helping others find and unleash their smile. I created the Smile Out Loud Foundation to help bring smiles to Dyslexic youth with college scholarships, and so far I’ve written two books where the proceeds from all sales directly support the this goal.

Learning to Share Your Smile

Over the years I’ve handed out hundreds of thousands of Smile Cards and heard thousands of stories from other people about finding their smile through family, faith, work, hobbies, and experiences. The majority of the stories I’ve heard are not from famous people on prime time television, but every single one has found achievement and happiness in a way that the majority of us can actually relate to, connect with, and learn from.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to compile some of these stories from supporters of the Smile Out Loud Foundation into a collection that we will release later this year in a book titled Learning to Share Your Smile.

We started receiving these written stories in 2014, and as our book gets closer to completion we’ll be sharing some of the books authors as well as excerpts. Once the book is complete, we’ll be offering it for immediate download in our Book Store.