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Vision:  The Smile Out Loud Foundation provides tools for youth with Dyslexia so these individuals can have a productive SMILE-filled life in society.

Purpose:  The purpose of Smile Out Loud Foundation is to create awareness in society concerning Dyslexia by providing resources and education.

Mission:  To build strategic relationships with businesses and community organizations to engage youth with Dyslexia in the learning process.

Meet the man who’s shared over half a million smiles.

David Staenberg, Founder

David Staenberg

David Staenberg is Founder and Executive Director of the Smile Out Loud Foundation. Throughout his home in Lincoln, David is known as the “Free Smile Guy.” David is an author, life coach, and a diagnosed dyslexic. Growing up with a learning disability and having people label him as “stupid” or “dumb,” David is fully aware of the limitations of living with this learning disability and what it takes to overcome it. He’s made it his life mission to increase awareness and funding for children with learning disabilities.

Invite David to speak to your employees, your church or your civic organization to learn more about his story, the Foundation, and how you can help increase dyslexia awareness and impact the lives of those affected by this learning disability.

Smile Out Loud Foundation Board Members

Jeremiah Tipp
John Degner
April Kassebaum
Nancy Kiburz

Jason Petersen
Matt Anderson
David Staenberg



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