Give to Lincoln Day: A Personal Request

Dear family & friends,

Each of you have a special place in the heart of the Smile Out Loud Foundation. As you already know, I am a Dyslexic Superhero or at least I believe I am as I tackle things each and everyday that others say I cannot accomplish. Now that I am retired, I have chosen to take my passion for helping those with Dyslexia and make a difference in their lives of other through the Smile Out Loud

This is a foundation that helps youth with Dyslexia get training and education. This year the Smile Out Loud Foundation will take the next step as we provide two scholarships for those that are challenged with a learning disability to go to college.

There are hundreds of children in our community that have dyslexia and we want to make a difference in their lives. You can help impact these young lives by giving to the Smile Out Loud Foundation. Now through May 28 we have the opportunity to further our mission by receiving funds through the Lincoln Foundation. I would ask that you reach out to others to help us raise $5,000 this year. Any amount from $10 to $500 will help us reach our goal and help us impact the life of a child. Please consider giving and please reach out to those closest to you to see if they will help us with our mission.

God bless and Thank You



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